Italiana Pelli
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Italiana Pelli in Naples


Our history


The old tannery Italiana Pelli in Naples was founded in 2010 by Vittorio Gargiulo and his sons Ciro, Elio and Renato. The leather processing was born in Naples in 1945 from Gargiulo family and from Ciro’s love and passion for leather. The passion for this craft is handed down from generation to generation, today the third generation of tanners craftsmen. The products made are real works of art, all worked and hand-finished with dedication and precision. A wide assortment of leather goods, footwear, gloves and clothing is available. Today, Italiana Pelli, carries out leather processing mixing old methodologies with innovative techniques and instrumentation. Always at customer service, from the search of material to the creation of the product, from order to quality control in Tannery until the shipment of the goods. The use of raw leather allows to satisfy all the customers in the field of gloves, clothing, leathers goods and footwear. The main goal is to look to the future respecting the past, that is, to offer high quality products processed with the best leathers. Italiana Pelli thanks to the extensive experience in this field creates products of high quality from raw leathers. The wide range of colors and materials available, allows to the customers to find everything they want according to their preferences and needs.